Consultant Terms of Use



Clairvoyant Network, is a marketplace website that allows consultants the use of its bookable services in order to take bookings from customers who visit the website.

By opening an account with Clairvoyant Network, you entering into a limited contract with us. These contract terms are set out below:

From here on in, when using the term “this website” this means the same as using “Clairvoyant Network” and “The Marketplace”. Consultants may also be referred to as “Readers” and Service Providers”.

As a consultant on this website, you are bound by both sets of terms and conditions.


Your Account

InYour account on this website is for the use of creating and taking bookings from potential customers who are interested in using your services. Whilst your account remains the property of Clairvoyant Network and its Directors, it should be run as if it is your own business.

In the near future (towards the last part of 2020), you may also sell tangible goods through the marketplace which relate to the services offered, for example, crystals, tarot cards, angel cards, astrological charts and courses (either downloadable or on a physical CD / DVD.

You must add either a business banner with your business name to your profile or a photograph of yourself within 72 hours of opening your account.


Payments Fees and Processors

In order to take payments from customers, you will need to have a stripe account and link it to Clairvoyant Network via your control panel. A stripe account can be opened at

When a customer makes a purchase from you, you agree to receive payments directly to your stripe account. All fees relating to stipe are paid by you and deducted by stripe at the time of the sale.

Fees payable to us, are deducted at the time of sale (up to 10% of the sale amount) and in the unlikely event your customer claims a refund, these fees are not refundable because you have gained contact to the customer, you therefore agree that should a refund be made, you will be responsible for this refund in full.

You agree that should we have to make a refund on your behalf, you will compensate us in full, within 72 hours of any refund being made.

Your obligations to your customer

When running your account, you should have a clear set of terms and conditions visible on your profile page.

You should have a clear refund policy on your profile page and offer your customers a minimum of five minutes at the start of any booking, for them to decide if the reading is working out for them. If the reading isn’t what they expected, you must allow your customer a refund. If your set time frame has lapsed and you have proof of this, then we will take no action if the customer contacts us. However – if the customer has proof of their time for the call, then your account may be suspended until any refund issue has been resolved.

Service interruptions

From time to time, the booking service may not be available due to maintenance or because the site may be down. Therefore it is your responsibility to keep a separate record of your bookings.

Customers Personal Details.

By taking bookings or selling tangible goods via this website, you will have access to your customers personal details – therefore, you agree to not misuse these personal details in any way, that is not in line with the UK’s laws for data privacy and the privacy policy on this website.

Should you misuse any personal details belonging to your customers, you agree that should any court action arise from any misuse, you are solely responsible for any and all action taken by the customer, against you – and that Clairvoyant Network or its directors are not in any way liable for your misuse of sensitive & personal information.