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Who is Clairvoyant Network

Clairvoyant Network is owned and operated by Stefday Media.

Our business address is: First Floor, 71 Ratcliffe Gate, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK

Legal Disclaimer

Any and all services / consultations / readings booked via this website are provided on an Entertainment only basis and do not in any way constitute accurate advice, including:

  • Financial, Personal, professional or medical.
  • Readers / agents offering services via our website may from time to time offer their own personal opinions during a reading. However, this does not in any way constitute advice or direction, it is merely the reader’s opinion.
  • Readers offering services via our website, are not in any way employed by us and by booking any of their services, you are booking a service directly with them and NOT with clairvoyant network.
  • Any and all conversations provided to you during a reading, are between you and the reader. Clairvoyant Network does not endorse, verify, recommend, evaluate or guarantee any service provided by readers and nothing may be considered an endorsement, verification, recommendation or guarantee of any reader.
  • Clairvoyant Network or anyone from our group does not warrant the validity, accuracy, completeness, safety, legality, advice or quality of service provided. We will not be held liable for any damages which arise from your reliance of the information passed on to you during your conversation between you and the reader.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The terms on this website are governed by and interpreted according to the laws of England and Wales (or, where the laws are not permitted by applicable law in your country of domicile). Any disputes that arise in connection with these terms, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales, unless this is not permitted by applicable law, in which the country of your domicile, shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Liability Limits and our legal obligations.

Some content posted via the services, is third party content, therefore, we do not always have control over the contents of communications made by or between service users and cannot be held liable for any content of or consequences of such content. You should be aware, any content provided by another user of the service, could be incorrect and misleading. It is your responsibility to take any precautionary measure by using common sense when using the services and providing any information to another user of the services.

Information contained within this site and provided via the services are solely for information and entertainment purposes. As mentioned above, they do not constitute accurate advice, or advice in any way. It is your responsibility to check any information on the site or provided by the services – and it is up to you to use your own judgement, before acting upon anything you see, hear or read within the website. Any decision or action taken by you based upon verbal or written information within the website, is made solely at your own discretion / risk and you should seek professional advice where necessary.

We provide service with reasonable care, skill and diligence – and we endeavour to correct any errors or admissions within a reasonable time, once we have been made aware. However (to the extent of the applicable law), we do not make any representation, we do not offer or give any warranty (whether express or implied), in respect of services or their content, including, without limitation, warranties of title, non-infringement or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. We do not make any warranty that the service will be uninterrupted or error free. Neither do we make any warranty for the results that may be obtained from the use of the services. We further make no warranty for the accuracy, reliability quality or content or service provided by this site. This includes, without limitation, any and all advice given on a general or personal basis. We offer no warranty for statements made in reader / agent / consultant profiles or by advertises on this website.

Where applicable by law, we are not liable for the following:

  •  any action you take, as a result of relying on information visible to you on this website, by word of mouth or as part of your booked reading with an agent / consultant / reader or for any damages or loss you have suffered as a result of you taking this action.
  • Any dealings you may have with third parties, such as readers, promotors, advertisers or other users of the site which have taken place using or being facilitated by our site.
  • any losses which are unforeseeable, or any likely consequence of your use of the site.
  • Any breach of these terms.

In any and all other circumstances, our liability in connection or relating to this agreement or for the services, whether in contract or tort for any cause of action, including any action arising from our own negligence or the negligence of the reader, our fraud or our fraudulent misrepresentation shall be limited in aggregate to the net payment to us, from you in relation to the relevant service session / reading. In no way will we or any reader be held liable for the following:

Any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, which arise from or are related to the use or of any inability to use this site or services offered. Should this limitation be unforeseeable, our liability will and shall be limited to the maximum extent as permitted under the law.

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless, us and the reader, along with all of our respective company representatives, including directors, owners, any staff who are employed by us – any agents who are acting on our behalf, affiliates, licensees or licensors, from and against any and all liability and costs without limitation, solicitors / attorney fees and costs, incurred by the indemnified parties in connection with any claim arising out of a breach or any breach by you of this agreement, along with any representation, warranties and covenants contained herein, or your use of this site and its services.

We cannot and are not able to be held responsible, should you be unable to access the site correctly or at all, due to any event that is not within our means of control, an example of this (without limitation) would be the performance of your internet browser yours or our ISP, or your computer’s hardware.

This site operates using a software platform – and as such, software can have bugs. We do our best to monitor this site and keep it as bug free as possible and when we are made aware of a bug, we will do our best to fix it in a timely manner. We therefore cannot guarantee that our site will be free from viruses or bugs, this includes but is not limited to any feature within the site.

Any access to the site may be suspended temporarily and without notice in cases of system failures, maintenance or repair, or for reasons beyond our control.

Because we do not have a premium rate number for service users to call and connect to readers, we are not governed by any premium rate service regulator.

However, we will co-operate with any law enforcement agency or any court order requesting for information or directing us to disclose the identity of anyone believed to be committing any kind of crime relating to this website or for any other reason.

 Our Services.

Clairvoyant Network provides bookable services and readers within the site, may also offer tangible goods for sale via the clairvoyant network store.

We currently do not offer (but plan to in future) services via interactive voice services: your booking is between you and your chosen reader – and once the booking has been completed, your reader will call you via their own means of communication. Calls may or may not be recorded by readers.

A reader must offer you a minimum of five minutes during your reading, to decide if you are happy with the reading – and should you not feel happy with your reading, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on the time your reading started and ensure that the 5 minutes does not pass. Most modern phones will record the time you are in a call. It is also your responsibility to make sure that you tell the reader that you are not happy with their service – and the reader should make no fuss or ask any questions as to why you are not happy.

Because the readers are not our employees – and payment services offered within the site, make direct payments to the reader / service provider, we are unable to guarantee a cash refund. However, we will from time to time offer a refund via a voucher / coupon and this

will be on a one time only basis. We will only offer this type of refund, when the reader is unwilling to co-operate.

Should your booking have been made outside of the Clairvoyant Network website – we will not offer any kind of refund.


Because Clairvoyant Network do not employ the readers / service providers, we do not specify how much a reading should cost, however, we will not allow any reader to use our website to take bookings if they charge more than the standard rate of £30 per 20 minutes.

All prices listed are for a single block reading.

Service Modifications

We may at any time, make modifications to any of the services in the website, for any reason. Any such changes however, will be displayed on the clairvoyant network website and you will also be notified via email.

All prices include any applicable taxes and commissions. When a reader charges for example £30 for a block reading, a portion of this will be for taxes (which the reader is responsible for paying) and it also includes a commission fee of up to 10% which will be kept by clairvoyant network for putting you and the reader in contact. The 10% fee is none refundable. Should your reader agree to a refund, they are responsible for the full amount.


You are not authorised to use the services, this site or any part of this site for any purposes, other than for your own personal use. You may not use the site for any commercial purposes, including without limitation, leaving or distributing advertisements or promotions or indirectly offering goods for sale. You may offer goods for sale via our website – where those goods are sold through your clairvoyant network account as a seller.

Using services or holding an account on this site grants you no rights to its contents or in relation to our intellectual property rights, including without limitation, trade marks, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos or text, or the intellectual property of third parties within this site and its contents or comprised in any of the services.

You may not without limitation, copy or reproduce, republish, post, broadcast, record, transmit, commercially exploit, edit, communicate to the public or distribute in any way, the site and its contents, the services or any part thereof.

Any use unless permitted by us, may only be undertaken with prior express permission.

Registering for an account

To register for an account on clairvoyant network, you must be 18 years of age.

You are permitted to hold one account only – and your information must be kept up to date. Should you not sign in to your account for 3 months, we reserve the right to suspend your account until you make contact with us via email, requesting for it to be re-opened. During any suspension, you will not receive any emails from us.

We reserve the right to suspend or close your account for any reason relating to the breach of our terms and conditions. We further reserve the right to disapprove the opening of your account if we believe that you may in breach the terms and conditions.

If we suspend, close or prevent you from opening an account, you may not try to open a new account with us or use someone else’s account in order to gain access to the services without our permission. Suspensions may only be lifted by management and the time for lifting the suspension will depend on why the account was closed.

Your use of the site as a visitor or signed up member.

You may browse and view the clairvoyant network website or listen to any audio where available on our website, for personal, non-commercial use. You may print any offers for your own personal non-commercial use, you must however ensure that our trademarks and our copyrights are not removed.

You may not, without our express permission or otherwise stated in these terms (whether directly or indirectly) copy, download, store, make available, distribute, link, sell or offer to sell all or part of the content or site. You may not download or otherwise copy any content files or data from this site to make or populate a database or publication or any kind whatsoever (whether indirectly or directly).

By using any service, you agree that you will not:

  • Use the site or service in any way which may lead to the encouragement, procurement or carrying out of any criminal activity.
  • Use the site or services within for any purpose, other than your own personal use in such a way that could be deemed as unfair usage.
  • Post any content or act in a way that could be deemed as defamatory, in breach of copyright or may be harassing, offending, threatening, abusive or hateful or that may be deemed as degrading, intimidating to an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, sexual preference, race, ethnicity, age or disability – or that is deemed as illegal.
  • Under any circumstances you may not record or disclose another user’s personal information, including but not limited to their email address, home address, phone number or any other type of personal information which would allow another user to contact them without their prior consent.
  • You may not use our site to discuss any subject that is illegal or offensive to others.

Contacting us:

You may contact us in writing at the above listed address – and you may also contact us via our live chat service within the website or via the contact us forms within the site.