Reader FAQ's

How do we call our customers?

Currently, your customer makes a booking – once the booking has been made and paid for, you will receive confirmation of the booking. You will then need to sign in to your account for further details of the booking – and you then make the call from your own telephone.

We would advise you to either call your customers on a phone with an unlmited call plan, or if you want to take bookings for people outside of the UK, you can get voip phones from companies such as Vonage, who will allow you to call other conuntries for free, as part of your package, you would usually get an unlimited landline & mobile package for around £16 and for around £5 extra, you can add world unlimited calling to that, which is a very cheap option.

We do plan to have add live chat options, for people who prefer to type, rather than talk – and we also plan to add a click to call option for your customers, which will connect you and your customer directly from the website, once your customer has paid. However, this option will be more expensive for you as a reader – so for this reason, we are still in talks with comapanies, to get the best deal possible.

Do you provide tutorials

Yes, currently there are only text and image based tutorials on how to set up bookings – and we plan to add new video tutorials as soon as possible.

How do I get paid

Currently, your once your customer has paid for a booking, you can request a daily withdrawal to your bank account. We use Stripe to process payments on the marketplace, so if you are new, it may take up to three days to start being able to make withdrawals, due to the way Stripe process payments.

We will be re-adding Stripe Connect to the marketplace, so that once a customer has confirmed their booking, you are paid directly via Stripe, into a bank account of your choice – and Stripe will automatically split payments, so that you get your 90% paid directly to you, they do however charge their own fees of around 1.9% for European cards and around 2.8% for the rest of the world. This unfortunately is beyond our control.

If you prefer not to pay Stripe fees on top of our commission, you can continue to with normal bank withdrawals.

Do you set our prices?

Absolutely not – whilst Clairvoyant Network remain the owners of the website and any software used, this is much like you having a land based business that you rent from a landlord. We do recommend you don’t charge more than the industry standard, which is around £30 for 20 minutes, but ulimately, this is entirely up to you.

Can customers see any of my details?

No, your customers do not have any access to your details.

When contacting your customers, it is reccomended that you withhold your telephone number, so that your customer can’t just contact you at any time of the day, you should also be careful on giving any other personal details out to yor customers – and any personal details your customers are given, is your resposibilty.