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Adding Bookings

In your “Store Manager” area, click on “Bookings” on the menu to the left.

Then click on “Create Bookable” 

Add your reading details

Add your type of reading in the top field. 

Then add a short description – a short description will show up at the side of your product image.

If you wish, you can add a full description of the type of reading you offer, in the “Description” field, this will show up at the bottom of the product page, inside a tab labled “Description”

Next, add any images that you wish to associate with your product, by clicking on the large image frame. You can add secondary images if needed by clicking on the smaller image frame.

once you have done this, please choose the relevant category that you want your bookable product to be listed in – please only choose one category per bookable product, unless you are offering a range of services.

Now lets set up your booking availability

First click on “Booking Options” on the small menu to the left. Then in the dropdown box, please leave “Fixed blocks of” selected. It is not advisable at the moment to choose “Customer Defined” blocks, this has been added for future use and will allow your customer to choose a custom time frame.

Then enter the the amount of time, for example, 20 and then choose minutes in the next dropdown or if you prefer to work hourly, you can choose 1 and then hours from the dropdown.

In the “Calendar Display” you can have the calendar show up on your booking page as soon as the page loads – or you can have it show up when the customer hovers or clicks on your times. To save confusion for your customers, we advise you to choose the always visible option.

Next you can choose whether your booking needs to be confirmed by you, if you want to confirm the booking with your customer, please tick the box, otherwise, leave it empty.

You can also choose whether your customer can cancel the booking, after they have paid for it – this is totally your decision. However, we advise against it. If your customer would like to cancel, it is better for them to contact you directly to make the cancellation.